AstroEBIT Spectral Database

The AstroEBIT Spectral Database is a compilation of measurements taken on the Lawrence Livermore electron beam ion trap facility as part of contracts with NASA’s Space Astrophysics Research and Analysis program.

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The Livermore data are listed in column 1 as Liv Exp Database. Column 2 lists the standard error of the measurements. Column 3 lists the relative peak strength, on a scale of 1-20, relative to the largest emission of that ion in the given spectral range, followed by comments in column 4.

In column 5 we give our recommended value for this transition based on our measurements and those found in the literature, as well as on calculations.

Column 6 gives the element and charge state, followed in column 7 by the transition associated with the emission line.

For comparison, we include two other databases. Column 8 presents lines from the MEKAL database (Mewe, Kaastra, & Liedahl 1995, Legacy, 6, 16, followed by the MEKAL label for the transition in column 9. Here we note that several of our measurements have been incorporated into more recent versions; the version presented here is from 1995. Column 10 lists the second database, CHIANTI (Dere et al. 1997, A&AS 125, 149, which includes only lines above 50 Å.

Finally, in column 11 we give references to publications in which the measurements first appeared.

Citing the AstroEBIT database

In using the experimental data listed here, citations should be to the original publications given in in column 11. If there are no publications given, please cite as Lepson and Beiersdorfer priv. comm. and give the URL for the AstroEBITdata base.